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The Great Pain DeceptionThe Great Pain Deception:                Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse.

I was in chronic pain for nearly 30 years. Today I am pain-free thanks to the information contained in my book. I wrote my experience down to share the information so that others could enjoy a pain-free life as well.

I had been through the gauntlet of high-tech procedures that modern medicine was offering, however, no therapeutic techniques ever allowed for sustained healing. Then I was introduced to the clinical work of John E. Sarno, MD, at the NYU Medical Center. Dr. Sarno had shown through tremendous clinical success that pain was the effect of a reduction in bloodflow from the autonomic nervous system. Pain rarely had to do with the structure of the body, whether it was in the spine or the joints and muscles. Dr. Sarno called his amazing discovery, TMS, for tension myoneural syndrome. Pain and most of our health problems, including fatigue, skin, and digestive disorders, are the result of hidden tension within the mindbody due to the demands on our lives to be good, push harder, make everyone happy, never fail—to be perfect. The tension from self-imposed pressure then produces a physical symptom to distract the sufferer from the anger that is generated from the conflict of “not wanting these demands.” This occurs totally outside of awareness so it is never felt or known, until the symptom itself reveals there exists conflict within.

Every day people are getting operated on needlessly for back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder, arm, hand and foot pain—unnecessary medical procedures. In fact, the notion that our bodies are failing us is actually keeping us in pain. Routinely, we are inundated with the faulty concept that back discs can somehow slip out of place, that herniated discs cause back pain, that “partial tears” are the cause of shoulder knee and ankle pain. We know from Dr. Sarno’s work that these are antiquated concepts, and surgery is rarely, if ever, needed for healing.

Learn from my story how to heal without surgery, injections, drugs, or therapy. The solution to our health problems is knowledge—a deeper look into the self. By digging and cutting and injecting into the body the medical industry is perpetuating our health problems by convincing us that we are somehow fragile—that we need constantly repaired. We are far stronger than this if we believe we are. Open your mind and heal, just like I did, and the hundreds of thousands who have healed with Dr. Sarno’s work. I’ve helped doctors to heal, and also people who work in pain clinics, and I can help you heal too. But you must forget everything you have been taught regarding pain, fatigue, and illness—it is perfectly wrong. You must start again with new awareness, as healing begins.

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